Luxury Garages

When your passion is racing, your time at the track is precious. There are never enough hours in the day.

Unless you live at the track.

BIR Luxury Garages allows you to do just that. Individual condos overlook Brainerd International Raceway’s historic track, offering a front-row seat to drag racing and road racing, while providing the ultimate showroom to store and display your favorite cars.

The ultimate racing experience comes with owning one of the 10 Luxury Garages at BIR. With a footprint of 50-by-50-feet, the three-story Luxury Garages can accommodate a large showroom on the ground floor to display your race cars, vintage vehicles or other equipment. The second floor is large enough for a two-bedroom condo, and the third floor can feature an entertainment room with a large deck that provides a stunning panoramic view of the BIR grounds. You and your guests can look down the drag strip to the starting line and watch road racing on most of the Competition Road Course. Owners can design the interior to fit their needs.

A luxury trackside development

The Luxury Garages are part of a private, gated development on the grounds of BIR. In addition to the Luxury Garages, the development also includes two four-plex unit called Garage Lofts and 44 Distinctive Garages. They all come with access to BIR and are perfect for those who crave the thrill of screaming down a drag strip or flying around the challenging corners of BIR’s road courses. Racers will find the garages ideal for storing their racecars throughout the season. Within minutes, they can be on the track doing what that they live for: racing.

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