Garage Lofts

When you combine a comfortable living area with an expansive and luxurious showroom, you get a Garage Loft.

Our development has two fourplex units, each of which has four Garage Lofts that share a common wall. The 50-by-25-foot Garage Lofts can be configured and designed to fit your needs but the ground floor is configured for a showroom to display your racecars, sports cars or collectible vehicles that deserve to be showcased in a grand fashion.

The units each have space for a loft that can be used for a small apartment or an office.

A luxury trackside development

The Garage Lofts are part of BIR Luxury Garages, a private, gated development on the grounds of BIR. In addition to the Garages Lofts, the development also includes 10 Luxury Garages and 44 Distinctive Garages. They all come with access to BIR and are perfect for those who crave the thrill of screaming down a drag strip or flying around the challenging corners of BIR’s road courses. Racers will find the garages ideal for storing their racecars throughout the season. Within minutes, they can be on the track doing what that they live for: racing.

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